Oprah's Empire-Building Strategy

By Jessica Stillman
After an astounding 25 years on the air, the Queen of Talk is calling it a day, and with no shortage of fanfare. From Aretha Franklin to Maria Shriver, celebrities have lined up out the door to take part in a series of send off shows, while fans remember their favorite moments, from the wagon full of fat to Tom Cruise's crazed couch jumping.
BNET is getting in on the act, examining Oprah's career to uncover the strategies she used to become one of the richest and most influential women in the world (and one of the most powerful women of the century, according to Time).
How did Oprah Winfrey go from being a mere daytime talk show host to an industry onto herself?
Yes, she had talent and luck, but she also used these five savvy career moves.


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