ZOOSHIA a new awesome social plugin for blogs and websites

What is ZOOSHIA?

ZOOSHIA is a simple yet clever tool that arms websites and blogs owners with fresh content from across the social web.

ZOOSHIA enables you to:
  • Mix multiple feeds of your favorite publishers
  • Combine different sources and add them into one & simple plugin
  • Easily customize and embed onto your website or blog
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Enrich your content

The Social Web is rich in interesting content, created by millions of publishers from all over the world. Now, you can grab the content you like from the social web, pack it into one plugin and enrich your website or blog.
ZOOSHIA is the first and only social plugin that enables you to mix content that interests you and your audience.

Quick, Simple & Fresh

Give your audience the big picture

Provide your audience added values by adding ZOOSHIA onto your website, or blog. Enrich your audience browsing experience with real time interesting and relevant content created by your favorite publishers.

Quick installation

Adding ZOOSHIA to your site is just as simple as copy & paste. After choosing feeds of your favorite publishers - just copy the embedding code and paste it onto your website or blog. No coding necesary!

You're ZOOSH - Your Look & Feel

It is very simple to customize your ZOOSH. In just 2 clicks you'll match the best format and color sets for your website or blog. Preview is been shown in real time so you can view your new ZOOSH in just a few moments.
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